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Local Notice To Mariners

The USCG has moved to issuance of the Local Notices to Mariners (LNM) exclusively via the Internet. For more information please read the special notice from the Coast Guard's Director of Operations Policy and the general press release

You may view the most recent LNMs from each Coast Guard District by clicking on the map below. Alternatively, you may read the specific boundaries for each District or obtain District contact information and then go to that particular District's LNMs. You may also view the 2004 USCG Light Lists.

If you would like to receive notices telling you when we have posted the latest LNMs for this district, please register with our one-way email service.

You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

Click on the area of interest on Map

Eleventh District Local Notice to Mariners Thirteeth District Local Notice to Mariners Seventeen District Local Notice of Mariners Eigth District - Gulf Coast Local Notice to Mariners Eighth District - Western Rivers Local Notice to Mariners Ninth District Local Notice to Mariners First District Local Notice to Mariners Fifth District Local Notice to Mariners Seventh District Local Notice to Marniers Fourteenth District Local Notice of Mariners